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Tron: Ares’ Cameron Monaghan Admits He Was So Obsessed With The Movie’s Awesome Set, He’d Show Up On His Days Off

As we eagerly await the cinematic offerings of the 2024 movie schedule, one title set for release in 2025 has captured our imagination: Tron: Ares. The third installment in the Disney franchise, featuring Jared Leto and a returning Jeff Bridges, is rapidly materializing into something tangible and thrilling. In an exclusive insight into the world of the upcoming Disney movie, Cameron Monaghan reveals his deep connection and fascination with the set of the highly anticipated film. According to the Shameless veteran, the set was so “awesome” he’d show up on his days off, a testament to the excitement and anticipation surrounding the movie.

During a conversation at the Calgary Expo (via Collider), Monaghan shared personal stories about his love and involvement in the Tron saga, a journey that began years before becoming cast in the sequel to one of the greatest science fiction movies ever. The Gotham alum says he first saw the original film on an international flight and was immediately struck by its imagery. He told the outlet:

I think I first saw the first Tron on a plane when I was younger. It was an international flight. I remember watching the original, and I thought it was from the ’90s or something because it was pretty amazing how a movie from that era could look that amazing and utilizing computers the way they did.



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