Home Entertainment ‘Seen on Screen’ Podcast: A Celebration of Universal Stories 

‘Seen on Screen’ Podcast: A Celebration of Universal Stories 

‘Seen on Screen’ Podcast: A Celebration of Universal Stories 


“Seen on Screen” is your ticket to the personal narratives happening behind the scenes at Universal. Hosted by Jacqueline Coley, Awards Editor at Rotten Tomatoes, each episode invites you into intimate conversations with NBCUniversal employees to explore how the magic of film impacts their lives. With a blend of entertaining games and thought-provoking questions, Jacqueline guides us through an exciting journey with each guest – asking them to reflect on the films that have rocked their world, scared the daylights out of them, or even changed them forever.

On the first episode, Jacqueline Coley sits down with Raheem Dawson, who has one of the coolest jobs in Hollywood at NBCUniversal to talk about it.

Make It Universal believes that behind every film, campaign, and award lies a human story waiting to be told. “Make It Universal” isn’t just a mantra – it’s a commitment to celebrating the diversity and collective experiences that make our stories truly Universal. From the industry’s famous faces to its unsung heroes, every voice matters.

New episodes available bi-weekly starting April 24! Please follow and listen wherever you listen to podcasts.


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