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Is The Idea Of You About Harry Styles? The Story Behind The Popular Comparison

Anne Hathaway is in a romantic comedy again for the first time in over a decade with Amazon Prime’s The Idea Of You. While I didn’t read the 2017 novel the movie is based on, ever since I heard of it, the internet told me it was another instance of “Harry Styles fanfiction” – which is apparently a genre now? But upon further research and revelations, including pressing play on the new release, I’ve learned that The Idea Of You is much more than fangirl fuel for the former One Direction singer, and I need to talk about it!

Now, it’s not like the Harry Styles comparison for The Idea Of You is coming out of left field. An entire franchise of romance films called the After movies are actually inspired by the “Watermelon Sugar” singer, and there’s of course a whole segment of the internet who writes their own narratives about the pop star. Upon watching The Idea Of You trailer, it’s easy to spot some similarities between Nicholas Galitzine’s Hayes Campbell and Harry Styles. They are both brunette British men with artsy tattoos and boy bands. But there’s more to the movie than fantasy fuel for Directioners!

Nicholas Galitzine as Hayes and Anne Hathaway as Soléne in The Idea of You when the characters first meet in Hayes' trailer at Coachella

(Image credit: Prime Video)

Is The Idea Of You Inspired By Harry Styles Fanfiction? 



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