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Glen Powell Explains What It Was Like Having ‘A Giant Jet Engine’ Blown In His Face While Shooting Twisters, And It Sounds Intense

You know what’s more intense than a single twister… Twisters! That is the title of the sequel to the 1996 classic which is among 2024 movie releases coming out this summer. When its star Glen Powell recently spoke about the making of the natural disaster flick, he discussed what was involved behind the scenes, and it sounds like after making it, he’s way too used to high winds.

In Twisters, Glen Powell plays a storm chaser who regularly records his findings on his social media platform. While speaking about the making of the film, he shared that director Lee Issac Chung, who famously made 2020’s Minari, took “no shortcuts” on set. In his words:

I was shot with every jet engine and piece of debris that they could muster up in Oklahoma and dragged through the air and across the ground more than I was expecting.



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